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Lets have fun*

Anonymous said: hey so Toby what would you do if i hugged you so tight that you couldn't breath for a little bit (holds out arms for a hug while my head goes to the side)

uhhh….. I guess i’ll allow it! As long as I don’t die! ~Ticci-Toby

Anonymous said: Do you think we could RP someday? ^^

[Hell yeah!] -Tiny Euronivian

yes please omg ~Ticci-Toby

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Anonymous said: are creepypastas real?

I dunno man

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masktasticmasky said: So Toby, do you think of Masky as a friend, or do you try to stay away from him?

I think of him more as a… rival c: 

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slender-pikachu-k said: YOU'RE NOT TOBY!!! IMPOSTOR!!! ^-^


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Anonymous said: is jeff the killer real

[Maybe.] -Tiny Euronivian

300+ Followers!

I know i havent posted in a while… But thank you!

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Anonymous said: *tackle hugs* Toby!!!!


readinginbetweenthevines said: who are u

Who are you? o-o

masktasticmasky said: Do you like Homestuck? If you do, do you like uu and UU?

I like homestuck. Yes i do. 

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manysmallmangos said: * tackle hugs your face *

AHH- HI RANDOM PERSON. Youre lucky im in a good mood today.

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I will seriously never stop posting this.

I will seriously never stop posting this.

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